Beahr Ridge Arabians
by Sylvia Beahr

Back as far as I can remember, HORSES were my passion.  It started when I was six years old and would visit my Grandparents' farm just outside the little town of Brandon, Iowa.  My parents would take me to the farm for the weekend.  It was only thirty miles from where we lived, but it would seem like it took forever to get there.  I could hardly wait to get there and see the HORSES. 

My Grandfather farmed with a team of Draft horses named Lady and Kit.  We would get a group of kids together and go for a trail rides bareback, Three to a horse. We were so small compared to these gentle giants.  They just took it all in stride and away we’d go for hours. 

When I was twelve, my Grandfather bought several riding horses for his daughter, my aunt, and we would take those horses and ride to the timber pasture, play hide and seek, jump logs, cross creeks, play Cowboys and Indians, and drive the cattle in from the pasture for milking (by hand I might add ).

It was from the tender age of twelve that I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life and it was to be with HORSES.  To be specific, I wanted a HORSE RANCH, a BLACK STALLION, and to be married to the MAN OF MY DREAMS.

When I was twelve, my parents gave me my first horse of my very own.  A bay Arab/Quarter type four-year-old grade mare named Lucky.

As time went on, and I was in High School, I met the MAN OF MY DREAMS.  We were High School Sweethearts and later married.  One day a friend and I were just talking and the subject of HORSES came up.  She said that her Dad had horses at his place and we should go there and go riding on his ARABIANS.  We did, and I fell in love with a three quarter Arabian mare named Chandreau.  She was a three-year-old Chestnut with a blaze and four even white socks.

I went home and told my husband that I found a Half Arabian that I wanted to buy and the price was $150.00 (a lot of money to us back then).  He said OK, and helped me purchase her.  I rode her on trail rides and took her to some fun shows and then I was hooked on Arabians forever.   

Then it was time to breed Chandreau.  At the time I owned and operated a small wig shop, Sylvia"s Wig Boutique.  A lady came into the shop to purchase a wig.  As we were visiting, the subject of HORSES came up and she told me she had an Arabian stallion named Riss-Amir.  Well my wheels started turning; she wanted a wig and I wanted to breed my mare.  So we traded.  A wig for the breeding of my mare to her stallion.

The resulting foal was a beautiful liver chestnut filly with four even white socks.  A real knock out!  We knew she was show quality right from the start.  We began showing her in Halter as a yearling; she just got better and better.  When she was three we started showing her ourselves in Western Pleasure at the Arabian shows.  She just got better and better.  She went on to win NATIONAL CHAMPION HALF ARABIAN WESTERN PLEASURE, RESERVE CHAMPION HALF ARABIAN LADIES SIDE SADDLE WESTERN, RESERVE NATIONAL CHAMPION HALF ARABIAN WESTERN AOTR, plus TEN NATIONAL TOP TENS!  I was definitely hooked on Arabians and showing them.

We had a nice little three-acre property on the edge of town and we're now up to six Arabians. If the dream of the horse ranch was going to come true, it was time to start thinking about how, with God’s help, was this going to happen? My husband would not move out in the country far away from his place of work. 

As fate would have it, forty acres with an indoor arena was for sale about five miles from my husband's work. I prayed that if it was the Lord's will that this would be the horse ranch of my childhood dreams. Weeds had grown up as tall as the shelters in the paddocks, the fences were bad, and rats and birds had moved into the arena and barn. This place with not a dream it was a nightmare! We did sell our acreage and purchased the ranch. With a lot of work, BEAHR RIDGE ARABIANS & TRAINING CENTER, is the Arabian horse ranch of my long ago dreams.

We have concentrated our breeding program around the bloodlines of our Khemosabi++++ son, National Champion, Rho-Sabee+//, Bey Shah+ son, Most Classic Champion, Beyonn, and the *Bask++ grandson, VP Ibn Hask.  All three stallions, “THE BEAHR RIDGE BOYS', are AHA Sweepstakes Nominated Sires and have sired National and Regional Champions in Halter and Performance.

We offer stallions at stud, Arabians for sale, training, showing, boarding, and riding instruction for the Beginner to the National Contender.  We specializing in quality Halter, Western Pleasure, and Hunter Pleasure Arabians and Half Arabians.

Oh, about the BLACK STALLION, Beyonn is Black and is siring Black Arabians.

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